Emergency power generator

Power outages can have catastrophic consequences. Whether it’s servers going offline at a data center, electrical equipment stopping working at a hospital resulting in life-threatening situations or a food manufacturer whose production comes to a halt, a reliable power supply is indispensable and vital. With an emergency power generator, you significantly reduce the risk of power outages. ABATO Motors manufactures, supplies and services emergency power generators. An emergency generator is a reliable partner because it automatically turns on the moment the power goes out. ABATO Motors has therefore developed a number of unique features that allow the generators to start up and turn on when the time comes:

  • Standard monthly automatic startup and running of aggregates for a specified time. If the genset then does not function properly, we can resolve any malfunction in a timely manner.
  • It is also possible to build a so-called whisper generator/low-noise generator. These generators are extra quiet due to a soundproof enclosure and ensure that your generator does not cause noise pollution.

Differences in emergency power generators

ABATO Motors supplies gensets with different power ratings. In addition, we also assemble the generators with different motors and generators. For example, for an engine you can choose the Weichai or Moteurs Baudouin brand, and for a generator you can choose the Linz or Xing Nuo brand, for example. Depending on your needs, we can advise you on the best setup. In addition, you can also generate your own price estimate by using our handy calculator.

Calculate your price directly

Use our aggregate calculation module to calculate prices directly or contact us for a comprehensive, no-obligation consultation!

Why an emergency power generator from ABATO?

  • In-house production: Fully customized by in-house production
  • Capacities: All capacities possible from 1kVA to 3000 kVA (and larger!)
  • Best value for money: By using Weichai diesel engines
  • Service: 24/7 service by our own breakdown service
  • Expertise: Certified SCIOS inspector, VCA, ISO-9001 and NEN3140 mechanics
Buying an emergency generator from ABATO Motors means that you are completely unburdened and have little or no further worries.

How does an emergency generator work?

An emergency power generator is a generator used in an environment where there is no main power source or in an environment where power failure cannot be afforded. Fossil fuels are converted into electrical energy by internal combustion engines. Also read our extensive article on how an emergency generator works.

Cost of emergency power generators

The cost of an emergency power generator ranges from €6,500 to €370,000, depending on several factors including power. In fact, greater power means a larger engine and generator. There are also several options that allow you to equip the generator based on your needs. ABATO Motors supplies generators with capacities from 18kVA to 2500kVA and possibly even higher on request. The cost of an 18kVA genset is around €6,500 and a 2,500kVA genset costs about €370,000. For a clearer cost indication, we recommend using our price calculator   use. Maintenance prices also depend on the power of the genset. Also for maintenance you can consult our maintenance calculator consult for a price indication.

Standard range emergency power generator: best price/quality ratio

An emergency generator does not have to be expensive. ABATO Motors builds the gensets of the standard range with Weichai Power diesel engines. The advantages of the standard range with Weichai:

  • Solid and simple: An emergency generator does not need to run continuously but obviously only in an emergency, so a good, high-quality but simple model will suffice.
  • Placement, installation, commissioning and operation is easy: Through cooperation with electrical installers and extensive customer experience with emergency power supplies, the generators are perfectly matched.

Emergency generator brands

Besides generators with
Weichai Power
diesel engines, ABATO Motors also supplies emergency power sets of all well-known brands such as LINZ, as well as Stage lllA gensets.

For more information about our production and services, please view our brochure by clicking on the image to the right.

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ABATO Motors has installed several emergency power generators at companies in various industries. Our references include
and Brabantwater. If you are curious about more references, you can view them here.

Questions about emergency generators

We understand that buying an emergency generator can be tricky. Finding a genset that fits your needs is something ABATO Motors is happy to help you with. We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the purchase, installation and service of an emergency generator. You can contact one of our staff by phone at +31 (0)88 2228600 or by email at info@abato.nl. In addition, you can also fill out our contact form or drop by for a detailed explanation over a cup of coffee at our premises in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a SCIOS inspection entail?
To ensure that a combustion plant, which includes emergency generators, operates as economically and as safely as possible, the government has established requirements that combustion plants must meet. This quality standard is known as SCIOS. The government does not perform these inspections itself, instead SCIOS-certified companies do. ABATO Motors is SCIOS-certified and can perform these inspections. A SCIOS inspection involves checking the generator to see if it meets the applicable standards and that the installation is still working properly. More information about SCIOS inspections can be found

What does aggregate maintenance involve?
Genset maintenance is quite a broad term and includes checking the oil and diesel, performing a maintenance service and load testing the genset. For more information on the individual types of services ABATO Motors offers regarding emergency power units, please visit our
maintenance calculator
where clicking on the question mark icons will give you more information about each service.

Does the generator automatically turn on when the power goes out?
A genset, when operating properly, will automatically detect when there is no more voltage across the grid and then automatically turn on. This way, equipment does not run out of power and business continuity is ensured.

What happens when there is a failure of the generator?
When there is a malfunction on the genset, in the case of an ABATO genset, a lamp comes on indicating that there is a malfunction. If you have a service level agreement with us, we can be on site within 4 hours to fix the fault. ABATO Motors is available 24/7 for troubleshooting.

Emergency generator service

ABATO Motors has 24/7 Service Engineers available for any genset malfunctions or problems. We can also support you from our location, as we have identical controllers at our disposal, allowing us to watch with you.

For more information about service on your emergency generator, please visit our service page.

Emergency generator maintenance

Maintenance of your emergency power generator is very important. Keeping up with the maintenance of your genset can extend its life. ABATO Engines can provide you with a personally curated maintenance plan, with our service engineers ready 24/7 to fix any malfunctions or problems. Learn more about our maintenance service or calculate your maintenance plan .
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