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ABATO Motors supplies marine engines and emergency power units of various brands such as Weichai & Baudouin. Browse our marine range of marine engines and reversing gears below, or calculate your price directly based on desired power output using our handy calculator.



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The M26.3 family was recently IMO-III certified by Moteurs Baudouin. These engines will also be available as Stage V in early 2022. So currently we can already offer you these engines. More models will follow, both with more- and less-power. There is considerable interest in Moteurs Baudouin’s IMOIII and Stage V solutions in the European market. Partly because they are fundamentally real marine engines. For example, five 6M26.3 engines are currently being installed for diesel-electric propulsion at a Dutch shipyard.

The use of modern ECU-controlled common-rail technology and high allowable backpressure enables a very compact aftertreatment package. Also, emissions after the turbocharger are already lower than in a mechanically injected engine, so the aftertreatment package can be compact. But consumption is also much lower due to common-rail technology, especially at part load. Not insignificant with rising fuel prices!

The DOC-DPF-SCR combo Stage V package for the large 1650-hp V12 engine is only 62 cm high. The placement and orientation of the package is flexible, so it can be positioned almost anywhere it fits in the engine room. Thereby, the Stage V off-gas treatment package is easy to maintain, as it can be unscrewed and the elements can then be easily replaced for cleaning. Really a solid solution!

The M26.3 common rail models are completely improved versions of the proven and well-known mechanical M26.2 predecessor. These engines are all equipped with inspection covers and loose liners. This ensures, for example, that major maintenance can easily be done on board. Also, the engine has water-cooled manifolds and turbochargers which results in reducing heat dissipation in the engine room. Finally, the engines have BV Type Approval.

In addition to distributing Baudouin marine engines, ABATO Motors also supplies industrial engines of this brand. Thus, in addition to maintenance, there is also a 24/7 breakdown service and fast parts supply. Because there are more than 10 service engineers, there is always someone on standby. ABATO Motoren B.V. has proven in recent years to be on location 100% of the time within four hours, day and night. You can also count on the expertise of Baudouin dealers Zikking and Schriek of Amsterdam and DBH Diesel Engines of Dordrecht.

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