Kwaliteit en Veiligheid

Quality and safety

ABATO Motors values quality and works to continuously improve its processes. This philosophy is fully implemented in the quality management system. Abato Motors meets the quality requirements of our customers. The staff is informed and familiar with the quality policy and the objectives set. They also have the necessary certificates and diplomas to work safely and competently at all times.

SCIOS Certification

Today, the risk of power outages is too great for livestock farming in the Netherlands. The Association of Insurers reports that more than half of barn fires in recent years have been caused by short circuits and other electrical failures. Therefore, purchasing an emergency generator is very wise. A SCIOS inspection is required by law in this regard, but what exactly does it entail?

SCIOS stands for: Foundation for Certification Maintenance and Inspection of Combustion Installations.
The SCIOS foundation focuses only on Dutch legislation and works with a quality system for technical installations.

The inspections associated with it were created in 2016 and are mainly environmentally conscious. One could say that this is detrimental to the livestock industry but, however, the livestock farmers can also see their advantage in it. A properly functioning emergency generator has lower emissions, costs less energy, provides safety and reduces operating risks. The SCIOS foundation works with different “scopes. These scopes relate to the various installations that must be inspected. The two main scopes for an NSA are Scope 4 and 7 with 7 applying only to plants with an external tank.

All inspectors performing SCIOS inspections must pass a series of exams recognized by SCIOS. In addition, they are also audited every 18 months by an independent Certification Body. In fact, companies are audited every year and can certify for one or more scopes . Thus, not only the inspectors but also their employers guarantee professionalism and quality.

Emergency generators between 20kW and 100kW will require inspection every 4 years while an NSA larger than 100kW will require inspection every 2 years. However, every inspection always begins with a First Special Inspection (EBI). This is where the foundations of proper inspection and maintenance are laid. This satisfies not only the government but also insurers.

If an inspection or maintenance shows that an installation is defective, the installation owner is obliged to repair it. It is therefore very practical to do business with a service company that can provide both inspections and maintenance.

Abato Motoren BV. has been employing certified personnel since the introduction of SCIOS inspection to take all your worries out of your hands. Because our mechanics are familiar with every brand of NSA, they can always work competently and quickly. They will also indicate all recommended repairs during an inspection so that you can ensure that your emergency generator can continue to operate optimally.

In short; a reliable emergency generator starts with the service of Abato Motoren BV.

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