At ABATO Motors, we are happy to help you find a gearbox that fits your marine engine and meets your needs. We have gearboxes of different brands. With the online marine engine calculator you can easily see which gearbox is suitable for your marine engine and calculate what it costs. Below are brief descriptions of our brands.

Masson Marine
Masson Marine, as a leader in ship propulsion technology, designs, manufactures independently. In addition, Masson has a full in-house range of marine gearboxes with hybrid systems, integrated or external brakes, shaft lines and controllable or fixed propellers. The technical team is skilled in both marine and mechanical engineering, provides the best products designed for customer specific needs. Masson has been internationally known for the reliability and durability of its products for more than 110 years.

D-I Industrial
This brand from South Korea has been operating in the Asian market for over 25 years and is suitable for both professional and pleasure boating. Gearboxes from D-I Industrial are suitable for power ratings from 60 to 1,500 hp.

ZF Technology
ZF is recognized by its customers as an excellent and reliable partner for both ship propulsion components and complete systems for all types of vessels. Know-how, high flexibility and willingness to cooperate with customers create the conditions for finding the right technical solution for every application. ZF Marine supplies transmissions (reverse, non-reverse and hybrid), propellers, thrusters, steering systems and electronic control systems for an extensive range of applications with a power range of 10 to 12,000 kilowatts in commercial and high-speed craft as well as in pleasure craft and yachts. The product range is continuously developed and adapted to market requirements. Meeting safety standards, reliability, environmental friendliness, economical operation and customer comfort are top priorities.

Hangzhou Advance Gearbox Group Co., Ltd.(Hangzhou Gearbox Works P.R.China) was founded in 1960. It has become the largest professional transmission manufacturer in Asia. Located on the southern bank of the Qiantang River, the company covers an area of 520,000 square meters with about 3,000 employees, more than 800 of whom are professional technicians. The company has 10 factories, 3 joint ventures and 6 domestic or overseas companies, two institutes (Hangzhou Marine Gearbox Institute and Hangzhou Powder Metallurgic Institute at ministerial level). Since the 1980s, Hangzhou Advance Gearbox Group Co., Ltd. has successively invested huge amounts of money in technological development, product improvement and implementation of advanced CNC controlled equipment manufactured in the U.S., Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, Italy and Japan.

Moteurs Baudouin
France’s Moteurs Baudouin has been designing and manufacturing diesel engines for both shipping and power generation purposes for more than 100 years. Baudouin’s engines are produced in a modern and efficient way and also comply with global environmental legislation requirements. Moteurs Baudouin has recently expanded its range to include reversing gearboxes. These gearboxes are specially designed for the
Baudouin marine engines
. Check out the different models below.

Type: X17
HP/RPM: 0.231
Maxi Rated Input HP: 578
Ratio: 3.080 / 3.430
Max input RPM: 2500
Type: X31
HP/RPM: 0.429
Maxi Rated Input HP: 974
Ratio: 4,444 / 6,000
Max input RPM: 2300
Type: X37
HP/RPM: 0.520
Maxi Rated Input HP: 1145
Ratio: 4.913 / 5.850
Max input RPM: 2200
Type: X44
HP/RPM: 0.724
Maxi Rated Input HP: 1521
Ratio: 5.077 / 5.913
Max input RPM: 2100
Type: X52
HP/RPM: 0.819
Maxi Rated Input HP: 1721
Ratio: 4.962 / 5.955
Max input RPM: 2100

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