For providing service to your installation or engine, the team from ABATO Motoren is ready for you. ABATO Motoren has 24/7 service engineers available for any possible failures or problems with the generating set. We can also give you support from our location by phone, because we have identical control panels we can instruct you to solve the problem yourself.

Our technicians also perform preventive and corrective maintenance, both by ABATO Motoren supplied generator sets, as to any third party generators. The technicians have knowledge of all makes and sizes of generating sets and genset controllers. \you can make a request without obligation to us for maintenance to the unit.

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Service and maintenance contracts

  • periodic maintenance of all brands diesel engines and generators
  • corrective maintenance on all brands diesel engines and generators
  • Availability repair service, response service level agreement

Analysis and audits

  • chemical analysis of fuel, coolant, lubricant and depositions
  • (reactive) power measurements, measurements of harmonics
  • troubleshooting, thermography and endoscopy


  • perform reliability-enhancing upgrades to units
  • reload control panel and instrument panels
  • install electronic speed control for diesel engines
  • install and configure electronic control of diesel engines