PTO generators

Trekkeraggregaat achter de trekker

ABATO also supplies  PTO generators which consists out of a brushless alternator, gearbox and a regular tractor three-point connection. The generator is driven by the tractor’s power take-off shaft. Our PTO generators range from 22 to 100 kVA and they are constructed based on the demands of our clients. Feel free to contact us about the possibilities.

kVA 22 42 60 80 100
kW 17 33 48 64 80
A 31 60 86 115 144
Recommended HP 45 80 115 150 183

Frequency protection

The PTO generators of 60 kVA and above are standard equipped with a frequency protection which is a possible extra option for the 22 kVA and 42 kVA. The frequency protection functions as a safety device which stop the unit when the frequency fluctuates to the extent that the frequencies cross the edge values. Consequently, this prevents that the(computer) equipment will be damaged by the PTO generator.

Ground fault monitoring

The standard PTO generators are often equipped with a 30mA RCD. However, this is not ideal in the case of providing emergency power and therefore it is possible to choose between a 30mA and 300mA RCD at ABATO.


You can also order accessories at Abato like its cable, plugs and reversing switch. We would like to give you some advice