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ABATO Motoren is the supplier of the Weichai Power diesel engines in the Benelux

ABATO Motoren is a supplier of Weichai-Power diesel engines, suitable for many applications. The engines are mainly used in generator sets, ship, water pump systems, tractors and other agricultural engines. The engines of Weichai-Power are designed and produced in collaboration with Deutz, Steyr, MAN and Baudouin. We can supply industrial engines for the previously mentioned applications. For specific information please refer to the relevant product page. If you have questions or want more information about Weichai-Power Engines, please do not hesitate to contact us.

In China is Weichai mainly known as the largest manufacturer of truck diesel engines with a market share of approximately 40%. Weichai builds diesel engines with a power range from 17 kW to 7,7 MW of which some types are produced over a thousand units per day. The largest powers are built in collaboration with MAN.  Meanwhile, the turnover of Weichai is six times the level of 2006. The engines perform outstanding and are characterized by a low noise in combination with high performance and low fuel consumption. Based on our experiences, we conclude that the engines are very solid and we are proud to be a supplier of such high-quality products.


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