Honda Generatoren

ABATO is your supplier when it comes to the portable Honda generators. 

The portable generators manufactured by Honda can provide power from 700 W up to 3000 W. The generators are compact, contain high functionality and functions and canimg_9081 be easily moved. The design and used materials leads to a silent model. All models are air-cooled.


The portable invertergenerators from Honda models:


Model Power (Standby) Power (Prime) Frequency Model engine Sound Pressure level
eu10i Honda EU10I 900 W 1000 W 50 Hz GXH50 87 dB(A)
eu20i Honda EU20I 1600 W 2000 W 50 Hz GX100 89 dB(A)
eu30i Honda EU30I 2600 W 3000 W 50 Hz GX160 92 dB(A)