Emergency energy generators

Emergency energy generator

ABATO Motoren produces, distributes and conducts maintenance on emergency energy generator

ABATO Motoren manufactures, supplies and maintains emergency power generators. The possibilities in designing and customization are endless due to the full in-house design and manufacturing. The power capacity ranges from 1 kVA to 2500 kVA and even above. Because we have the in-house production, we can build the genset to your specific needs. With the installation of a generating set an emergency energy supply can be assured.

Properties of an ABATO emergency energy generator
Reliability is the key property of an emergency power unit. A number of unique features have been developed, that increase the likelihood of the generating set starting up and switching on when the time  has come to do so. One important feature of standard ABATO generating sets is that they run automatically by default every month. If the unit is not running properly, we can timely solve the problem.

Standard range of the generator
ABATO builds the units with Weichai Power diesel engines. These motors are robust and simple yet modern. This standard range is the result of extensive experience with emergency gensets and good cooperation with electrical installation companies. This collaboration has also resulted in the fact that deployment, installation, commissioning and operation of the gensets is relatively simple. In addition to the gensets built with Weichai-Power engines, ABATO Motoren can also supply emergency power generators of all known brands.

Prices and quotation
For current prices, please refer to our calculation page. Additionally, you can contact us at any time for a quotation or more information.

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The maintenance of your emergency power generator cannot be underestimated as it increases the life span of your product. Our service engineers are 24/7 repair failures and breakdowns. ABATO can provide you with a maintenance contract where the frequency of maintenance and service fees are included. Click here to read more about our maintenance.

It is also possible to compile your maintenance plan right now.

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