Baudouin spare parts

Moteurs Baudouin is a French brand known for their high-quality generators and marine engines. The company produces a wide range of Baudouin spare parts that are essential for the maintenance and repair of Baudouin engines.

At ABATO Motoren we offer a wide range of Baudouin spare parts that are specially produced to meet the high quality standards of Moteurs Baudouin engines.

Below you will find a summary of common spare parts that we can deliver quickly:

  • Filters: This includes oil filters, fuel filters, and air filters.
  • Gaskets and seals: These provide good seals between different parts, prevent leaks and ensure efficient operation of the engine.
  • Pistons, cylinder liners and piston rings.
  • Fuel injectors and injectors.
  • Cooling System Parts: This includes parts such as water pumps, thermostats, and radiators.
  • Electrical components: This includes starter motors, alternators and electrical wiring.
Why original Baudouin spare parts?

It is important to use original Baudouin spare parts for maintenance and repair. Baudouin offers quality and reliability. They are known for providing high quality products that offer reliability and durability. By using original spare parts from Baudouin, you can be confident that the parts meet strict quality standards.

In addition, the use of non-genuine parts can lead to problems with fit, performance and possibly even damage to the engine. Baudouin also attaches great importance to the safety of their products. All original spare parts are tested and meet all safety standards. The use of non-genuine parts may jeopardize safety and may lead to malfunctions, accidents and damage to the engine.

Baudouin often offers warranties on their spare parts when installed and used according to company regulations. The use of original spare parts ensures that you can benefit from this and that you can have any problems or defects remedied by the manufacturer.

This means that the use of original Baudouin spare parts guarantees quality, performance and safety.

More information?

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